Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain – 2015

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of my favorite events. I had the pleasure of the being there for opening night this past Saturday and it did not disappoint.


This guy is in the new Screampunk District by Twisted Colossus. There are all kinds of spooky critters and ghouls in the park…some where you’d least expect them. And, there are seven scare zones accross the park each with their own unique theme.


At the Gearworks Theatre there is a new Halloween-themed show called Unleashed.  It features the ghosts of a turn-of-the-century circus performing the show they loved so well.


And of course who can forget the mazes!!!  That’s the best part in my book. Fright Fest features seven mazes ranging from pretty scary to really scary. My favorite was the Toys of Terror 3D. If you get a chance to get into this one, check out the floor as you walk through. It’s awesome.


Now, it’s not all about the ghouls. There are rides that you can ride with the lights out…like Twisted Colossus and Full Throttle. There are themed sandwiches, caramel apples, and crafts and treats for the younger kids. And of course, you can just enjoy the park at night with the screams and laughter that makes Halloween the good fun that it is.

For more information on Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain please visit my event page.

Rose Parade Float Viewing

I have always wanted to go to the Rose Parade Float Viewing and this year I finally got my chance. I’ve seen floats like this before up in Portland, Oregon, for their annual rose parade, but nothing prepared me for the floats in Pasadena. I was literally speechless for about an hour as I walked alongside the most beautiful floral creations I’ve ever seen.  For a flower love like me, it was pure heaven.

rose parade float viewing

This year’s theme was Dreams Come True.


rose parade float viewing

Any part of the float that is exposed has to be covered in a natural material. Check out this classic car.

 Rose Parade 2014

 Even the stairs on this float are covered with seeds to make the stone effect.

Rose Parade 2014

This one has brussel sprouts and chile peppers!! At least I think those are chile peppers up there.

Rose Parade 2014

The creativity for the designs of these floats is quite impressive. A lot of work goes into creating them as far as what the float will represent and what type of natural materials will make up the textures and colors of each float.

rose parade float viewing

The colors and attention to detail are just impressive.

rose parade float viewing


rose parade float viewing

Now, don’t let the picture above scare you too much. We got to the viewing streets just after it opened and it wasn’t too bad at that time. This shot was taken about three hours later and as you can see, the float viewing is pretty popular. We went on January 2nd and I took 208 pictures!!! (I went crazy!)  They were all just so pretty and so amazing…definitely something I will go to each year from now on.

If you want to get tickets to next year’s Rose Parade or some more information on the Rose Parade Float Viewing click here to get the skinny.  TIckets for the 2015 Rose Parade go on sale February 3, 2014.

Placerita Canyon Nature Center

Tucked in a canyon off Highway 14 in the Santa Clarita Valley is a little gem called Placerita Canyon Nature Center. Operated by the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation, Placerita Canyon is a east-west canyon on the north side of the San Gabriel Mountains. It has a seasonal stream and waterfall and is home to interesting landmarks, different plant communities, and California wildlife. With lots of hiking trails and some picnic areas tucked in various places, it’s the perfect place for a quiet stroll through the wilderness. It also has a small museum with exhibits from the area and park guides to answer all your questions about the surrounding landscape and to introduce you to some of the canyon’s inhabitants. Read more

Castaic Lake Fit For Fun Program

This past Saturday I attended the first event of the Castaic Lake Fit For Fun Program. Designed as a preview of events to come in the following weeks, this first hike was a Preview Hike and the park guides gave us a quick tour of the main area of the park and the starting points of some great hikes in the park.

Fit For Fun Program, Castaic Lake, CA

We gathered at the park headquarters for some introductions and then started out on our tour. Read more

Hummingbirds in Winter

It’s good to see that the hummingbirds are still hanging around here in the winter.  It was pretty cold this morning, but that didn’t stop this little gal from coming to get her breakfast.

Hummingbirds in Winter

Isn’t she cute?  And she doesn’t even look that cold!  (It was 38 degrees when I took these shots.)

Hummingbirds in winter

Fall Color in January?

Yes, it’s true.  Some of the trees here in Southern California are a little bit mixed up. This picture was taken yesterday, January 5, 2013.

Fall Color, Castaic, CA


Space Shuttle Endeavour – California Science Center

I finally made it.  After watching the space shuttle fly overhead on its journey to the California Science Center, I finally got to see it in person.  Words can’t describe what you feel when you stand next to the Endeavour.  It was just plain jaw-dropping.

The first thing you need to know is that you have to purchase a timed ticket.  Seeing the shuttle is free to the public, but there is a $2 service charge when you buy it online.  Then when you get there you get in line at the appointed time.

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Banana Festival – Port Hueneme

Today I’ll be at the inaugural Banana Festival in Port Hueneme. They are celebrating 75 years of being the ocean link to the global market for the agricultural community along the south central coast. They handle over $7 billion in cargo every year and supply over 1,500 jobs to the local area.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour Comes to Los Angeles

Nothing is more exciting than seeing the space shuttle.  Many people in southern California have been on shuttle watch since it was announced by the California Science Center a few months ago that they would be getting the Endeavour.  The youngest of the shuttles, the Endeavour has it’s roots firmly planted in SoCal.  Those who were a part of its creation and those who watched it fly in space waited anxiously for the day it would come home and we got our chance to see it fly one last time yesterday.

I woke up early and headed up to the Antelope Valley.  The Endeavour had landed the day before and was sitting up at Edwards Air Force Base outside Rosamond.  It was from there that it would fly low over the valley, head up to Sacramento and San Francisco, and then come home to fly over Los Angeles and land at LAX.  From there it will make the trip along the streets of Los Angeles to its final home at the California Science Center.

The spot I picked for viewing was at a lookout along the aqueduct on the southwest side of Lancaster. It was a gorgeous morning in the Antelope Valley.

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Downtown Burbank Car Classic

One of the benefits of living in the Los Angeles area is that there is stuff happening everywhere.  This morning we were in Oxnard for the Salsa Festival and late this afternoon we were in Burbank for their annual Car Classic.  Two towns with two totally different events…all in one day.

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